Sue Goudreau

Sue Goudreau

Trust and Estate Administration Paralegal

Sue is an invaluable member of the team, on the front line for trust and estate administrations.  Clients appreciate her soft touch, practical guidance, and service-oriented approach.

As a trust and estate administration paralegal, Sue Goudreau provides thoughtful and experienced guidance to clients at what may be the most difficult time in their lives.  “My job is so rewarding because I know I can remove some of the stress and anxiety that follows the death of a family member,” she acknowledges.

Our trust and estate administration clients understand that there is a structured process for the administration, and that we will be with them throughout the entire process.

While each administration follows a similar general process, each one is different.  Some require a petition to the Probate Court, the preparation of a federal estate tax return, the disposition of non-California real estate or unusual assets, or the navigation of family drama.  Many also require close coordination with a tax accountant, appraiser, financial advisor or other expert. Clients rely on Sue Goudreau for it all, and she delivers with intelligence, integrity and grace.

Sue’s talents crossover to the pre-death planning world as well. She has extensive experience preparing federal gift tax returns and various types of court petitions to deal with irrevocable trust accountings, modifications and the like.

Outside the office Sue loves game nights with her family, spending time with her grandchildren, hiking, and being on the water at Clear Lake.